Top 5 Best VOD Streaming Platforms in 2021

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  Top 5 Best VOD Streaming Platforms in 2021

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These days, video streaming mobile apps have been witnessed with an increased spike of subscribers & now much video content is being much cherished without any interruptions via a streaming app.

This is duly because catering to the prerequisite needs of end-users have popularized several VOD streaming services that has bought keen interest as compared to to the big black box which is slowly diminishing its presence.

According to recent forecasted data, there is a positive anticipation of the entire VOD streaming platform development’s market to expand its size & peak its value by $842.93 billion by the year 2027!

With this huge room of opportunistic hike, varied video on demand platform providers leverage this aspect of enhancing innovative streaming platforms via immersive content. When it all revolved around your valuable creative video content another important fact will help you to expand your video streaming app development company is:

Recently it is anticipated that figures on your original content that is streamed across several devices, would rise up to $100 billion by the end of 2023!

Oh, I think this technology growth would be the future of captivating business of VOD streaming apps!

You must be interested in knowing what kind of video-on-demand streaming services are offered by top streaming companies that can help you to build your new branded platform

Streaming Video On Demand Apps

The predominant mobile technology is now being adopted by every household these days. This has given a diverse scope of providing on demand apps & so some of the popular players of OTT have been delivering a wide range of content that are accessible from anywhere at any time. A wide array of content genres such as romance, horror, drama, thriller, action, etc with respect to compelling VODs. In this streaming industry the most popular platforms include:


Amazon Prime



Apple TV Plus
Now, let’s have a look at other platform providers who entice their customers with dynamic USPs:

CONTUS VPlayed - Top Rated VOD Solution Platform

CONTUS VPlayed is one of the leading SaaP streaming solution providers who facilitate content owners with one hundred percent of customization which is deployed in multiple mainstream industry use cases & is backed by secure & encrypted video streaming app development. VPlayed offers you with 150+ streaming features & 6+ revenue monetization models to deliver impactful viewing experiences across the globe.

Dacast - All-in-One Online Video Platform

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Dacast’s live streaming & video hosting platform was launched live in the year 2010. This platform aims to offer pioneer quality streaming solutions & makes a profitable revenue of about $7.4 million. Dacast’s on demand video streaming platform is trusted by worldwide broadcasting businesses & simplifies the process of premium media content distribution effortlessly.

Muvi - Live & On Demand Video Streaming Platform

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Being a potential leader in the streaming market, Muvi provides the all inclusive VOD streaming infrastructure, live streaming, as well as audio streaming. Muvi which is internationally recognized as a promising VOD platform provider facilitates its users with HTML5 based video player streams and much more essentials to give smooth flowing content delivery. On the other hand, Muvi white label vod platform offers quite an effective number of monetization models.

Uscreen - Stunning VOD streaming platform

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Uscreen is one among the most leading on-demand platforms which uses refined video on demand streaming software for content creators, distributors, to upload, and monetize content across every smart device making it compatible. Uscreen platforms are provided for a wide range of multiple industries such as Event streaming, Educational, Fitness and much more. Now effortlessly you can launch your VOD apps using video streaming app builder.

Kaltura - Video On Demand Cloud Streaming Platform

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The app TV platform with video-on-demand platform is finely delivered through kaltura’s cloud streaming providers. Their major forte focuses with live interactions conducted via lecture capture classes, future-centric cloud TV experiences, Real-time & compelling VODs with secure hosting capacities, etc. Kaltura’s education streaming has advanced via mobile app development to have elearning courses, seminars, webinars, etc.

To read full article about top video on demand streaming platform
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  Re: Top 5 Best VOD Streaming Platforms in 2021

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Good to know about the list of best VOD platform list here, You may also check about the OTT platform comparison list by its features, pros, cons, cost, etc
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