Top 3 Best OTT Software Providers In 2022

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  Top 3 Best OTT Software Providers In 2022

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OTT software providers help to launch a video app/platform and allow bulk uploading of videos with digital rights management. It’s very dynamic, to say the least, it entails a top-notch content management system that allows one to manage metadata, geo-blocking, asset management, uploads, etc.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the best OTT software providers in the contemporary that will help you create a robust brand with a global audience base.

#1 Vplayed
VPlayed is among the best self-hosted OTT platform that caters to a diverse audience segment. The primary aim is on providing robust live streaming and VOD services. They also offer personalized solutions for various niches including sports, religion, fitness, filmmakers, and other industries. The pricing varies depending upon the services you choose; it goes by quotations.

#2 JW Player
The JW Player provides video hosting services that integrate with the majority of the OTT platforms. Many OTT platforms use this player for hosting and live streaming videos. It also helps you customize your OTT output by leveraging various tools from multiple providers. It is very easy to even link an existing website or application with the JW Player.

#3 Vimeo OTT
Vimeo is known for providing a wide range of basic solutions for live stream, VOD, OTT, TV applications, etc. Vimeo’s pricing structure is placed flexibly for users with the cheapest tier charges. Some of the noticeable features include protection against piracy, poll, and live chat features, etc. The growth or intermediate charges include a considerable amount to build advanced applications.

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